Cooperation between ALLVR and COPLI: Simplify BIM Entry and BIM Management!

COPLI, the family-run agency for BIM consulting and services, announces the strategic partnership with ALLVR GmbH. The ALLVR product creates effective communication directly on the 3-dimensional design and planning model. Live meetings can be held at the current state of planning over the Internet by allowing plan participants and customers to interact with the model and digitally record potential issues, changes, and conflicts. The application facilitates collaboration between planners and management and provides understanding, security and transparency for project control.

In combination with COPLI’s years of expertise in BIM management, the strategic implementation of BIM in the enterprise and the essential handling of BIM data, high added value is created in a simple manner, with low risk and cost efficiency.

Pietro Todisco, BIM Manager: “We are very excited about this collaboration. With its solution, ALLVR provides a strong means to simplify and promote communication and collaboration between all stakeholders. This partnership will give our customers a better start to BIM and give them an even better picture of the planning status! With strong partners like ALLVR, our COPLI team will continue to provide more personalized solutions and a complete BIM experience! ”

Digitization is now everywhere. Not only young companies have to deal with modern technologies and implement them in their companies. The construction industry is also getting ready for digitization.

In times of the 4th industrial revolution, the construction sector in particular has great potential to greatly optimize processes through digitization. Construction projects are being improved and made more efficient. Known as BIM, Building Information Modeling, helps developers and contractors capitalize on this potential. However, this often involves overinvestment, thus losing the real benefits. The COPLI team shows decision-makers in the industry how to identify tailor-made solutions and achieve the desired added value for their own company through the use of BIM with a greatly reduced risk.

A recurring factor in the BIM context is communication and collaboration. These two issues are sometimes the biggest change from traditional building practices. With ALLVR, a platform has emerged that overcomes this change and easily demonstrates the benefits of BIM operation to the companies involved in the planning process.

The goal of the partnership is to provide a holistic service to the construction industry. The consulting services for the conversion of processes and data to the BIM standard are complemented by a tool which also provides new possibilities of cooperation beyond the BIM standard in order to profit fully from the changeover.

The new federal government has also recognized the signs of the times. In order to further advance the progress, the following was decided in their newly concluded coalition agreement of 12.3.2018:

“We want to promote the digitization of planning and construction throughout the construction value creation chain, taking into account the interests of SMEs and smaller planning offices. This includes the further development of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for all planning and construction disciplines. We want to make more use of BIM in federal construction projects.

The digital planning method “Building Information Modeling” (BIM) reduces costs and minimizes the risks of cost overruns and deadlines. Therefore, we will apply BIM as soon as possible to all new transport infrastructure projects to be planned. ”

As a result, planners, builders and architects now have to work intensively on building information modeling in order to acquire public contracts and subsidies and to be able to operate in the market in the long term. BIM is thus turning from the trend topic of a few early adopters to the standard method of an entire industry. At least now, companies and their employees have to start thinking about work processes. Which processes can be optimized and how can new technologies support them?

With the strategic partnership of ALLVR & COPLI, companies can now rely on a holistic and competent BIM service and digital solutions.