The future of gaming is not a console.

Google introduces Stadia.

Contradicting the over 50-year tradition of the gaming industry, Google is showing its vision of gaming.

Stadia is not a console, but a streaming platform.

Just as Netflix is ​​revolutionizing the movie industry today, Google does not provide traditional hardware in the form of a console. Instead, gamers may play video and computer games on any device such as a smartphone or tablet to their heart’s content in the future.

But not only gamers will enjoy it. Rather, the elimination of expensive hardware and the direct access to games, every Internet user enticed to gamble a small round of Assassyns Creed recordable.

A real revolution of an already very modern industry.

With Stadia, Google reveals many features of a digital transformation business model.

Similar opportunities exist in the construction industry. Initial steps have already been taken by the Federal Government.

In order to further advance the progress, the following has been decided in their newly concluded coalition agreement of 12.3.2018:

“We want to advance the digitization of planning and construction along the entire construction value chain, taking into account the interests of SMEs and smaller planning offices. This includes the further development of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for all planning and construction disciplines. We want to make more use of BIM in federal construction work.

1x1.trans - The future of gaming is not a console.

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The digital planning method “Building Information Modeling” (BIM) reduces costs and minimizes the risks of cost overruns and deadlines. Therefore, we will apply BIM as soon as possible to all new transport infrastructure projects to be planned. “

As a consequence, planners, contractors and architects now have to work intensively on building information modeling in order to acquire public contracts and subsidies and to be able to operate in the market in the long term. BIM is thus turning from the trend topic of a few early adopters into the standard method for an entire industry. At least now, companies and their employees have to start thinking about work processes. Which processes can be optimized and how can new technologies support them?

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